Sunday, July 1, 2012

Americans' Year at the US Open?

When Andy Roddick won the men's championship at the US Open in 2003, many tennis commentators believed that it meant the start of an American domination of the Grand Slam tournaments. Since then, however, an American man has yet to win at the Open, and while the women are faring a little better, they still have only three wins in the last decade. Fortunately, American teams have made a much stronger statement in the men's, women's, and mixed doubles competition, making sure that some American presence is still felt at the US Open!

No matter who is on the hardcourt at the Open this year in the finals, this Grand Slam tournament is known as one of the world's best. Amateur tennis players go to pick up some tips on their own game, but as the day grows closer, they may find themselves without seats and need to know where to buy US Open tickets. serves up the best seats for every great tennis tournament, and the US Open is no exception. Look for their exceptional deals on US Open tickets today!

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