Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NY Yankees Riding High After Subway Series

The New York Yankees topped the New York Mets on Monday night 6-5 on the strength of two homers by Swisher and Cano. The Subway Series, as this interleague matchup has been dubbed, is a point of pride for fans in New York City. This year, the Yankees took the series 5-1, continuing their dominance over the Mets. Some have complained that the series is unevenly matched. The Yankees, with their explosive bats and almost unbeatable pitching roster, have been considered the team to beat going into the playoffs, and while the Mets have had strong years since the Subway Series began in 1997, they haven't performed as well as the Yankees. Even still, fans can't get enough of the six game series each year. Tickets for the games go quickly, and finding cheap Yankees tickets, which can be tough to find even for regular games, can become almost impossible when the two New York teams meet up. Though there are critics of interleague play, the Subway Series proves that fans can't get enough of two beloved teams meeting outside the playoffs.

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