Friday, June 29, 2012

Justin Bieber's Hot New Album

When Justin Bieber first hit the music scene in 2008, many critics thought that he might be a one trick pony. His enormous success came before he had turned 18, and with musicians that young, it can be tough to navigate from being a child star to a young adult crooner. With Bieber's latest release, however, he has proven he has the maturity to be on the charts for a long time. Last week, his latest album, Believe, sold 374,000 copies, making it the highest selling record of 2012 so far. With a steady team of people behind him headed by superstar Usher, Bieber has navigated his career more carefully than many stars his age.

His concert tour supporting the new album has also proven to be an enormous success. Justin Bieber concert tickets have been selling out in cities around the globe, with many ticket retailers reporting sellouts within minutes of the tickets becoming available. Justin Bieber may only be 18 now, but with the kind of steady development he's shown in his career, the Believe tour may not be his last.

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