Wednesday, June 27, 2012

AC Milan, Cruzerio Head to the USA

Italy's AC Milan and Brazil's Cruzerio are two of the hottest teams in professional soccer, and while there are millions of soccer fans in the US, there aren't many chances to see great international competition here in the States. Fortunately, those fans who have always wanted to find AC Milan tickets for sale are in luck this summer! The team will face Cruzerio in a friendly match in Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts on August 4. Soccer enthusiasts know that the controlled European style of AC Milan and the more flamboyant Brazilian game should make for a great match.

AC Milan will also be demonstrating their skills in two other games in the US this summer. They face Real Madrid in New York City on August 8, and they square off against Chelsea in Miami on July 28. These exhibition matches are extremely popular with American soccer fans. The last time AC Milan played in the US, a capacity crowd of 42,531 watched them beat Inter Milan 2-0. While the team uses these matches as a way to gear up for their own season, it gives American soccer fans a way of boosting the game's visibility in the US.

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