Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Boxing Suffers The Consequences of Bad Decisions

The boxing world is abuzz with some of the poor decisions handed down in some of the biggest fights of the year. Experts say the problems started with the Tavoris Cloud versus Gabriel Campillo fight in February. Campillo struggled in the first round, but went on to dominate through the rest of the fight, only to have the decision go to Cloud. Many boxing fans thought it was a single bad decision, but it was soon followed by contested outcomes in the Manny Pacquiao versus Timothy Bradley fight as well as the Brandon Rios vs. Richard Abril. In the last fight, Rios barely made weight for the fight, making for a lackluster performance, yet the decision still went to him.

What's going on in the boxing world? Fans can watch the fights on television, but it can never compare to being there to see all of the nuances of the battle in person. Finding discount tickets to boxing isn't hard when you know where to look, and can make sure you see all the highly contested boxing matches in the country.

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